Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Reduce the Toxins in Your Home

I didn’t start out as a naturalist healthy eating tub cleaner making mom… It all started with a bottle of method bathroom cleaner… I bought a bottle of Lysol bathroom cleaner afterward and could barely breathe.  Then I got pregnant and like many new parents I wanted to create a safe environment for my little one, and then I saw Food, Inc.  That was it.  I haven’t removed all of the toxins in our house, but we are pretty damn close.  Here are the 5 easiest ways I’ve found to remove toxins from your home and your life.

1.)    Out - Teflon pots and pans : In – ceramic/ stainless steel
I know it costs a lot for a whole new set.  I have committed to buy 1 new pot/pan a month usually from Marshalls or TJMaxx on sale.  Keep your eyes open.

2.)    Out – plastic Tupperware : In – Glass/Metal containers
A glass tupperware set is a bit more expensive than the plastic but it is worth the peace of mind.  Metal storage sets are usually a bit cheaper but harder to find.

3.)    DIY – house cleaners, essentials to keep on hand - white vinegar, baking soda, natural dish soap

4.)    Swap out cosmetics – everyone uses the same products and buy in bulk – lotion, soap, deodorant, shampoo/conditioners.

5.)    Buy less processed food – don’t give up the stuff you love, usually it’s cheaper to make it yourself.  Don’t have the time? How about a freezer dinner swap with friends? Don’t forget about the crock pot.

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